Terre differenti "Cities of dreams" review
......Long gestation, but with a beautiful result, made with the most unusual ethnic instruments, and with voices of a tonality an purity absolutely over the media.
There is a predomination of transversal and unique sounds in where you can get lost, tasting that ancestral heritage that doesn’t have a definite location, but that contains a stronger evocative power.
A peculiar trip, by trespassed territories of imagination towards personal and intimately unique “different” lands, painted and imagined by our own fantasy.   

…“Flowers of sorrow” one of the best pieces of all the work, where West and East mix together at every moment. A wonderful extravagance of Miguel Fernandez obliges us to an abrupt change of route.

A work of sensitivity and contamination absolutely well done which I think will not remain indifferent in the very often desolate scene of the present music.

(Roberto Scorta) April 2005