Arci Fuori Orario Circle of Taneto
Arci Fuori Orario Circle of Taneto (Reggio Emilia)

Wednesday 28 november 2007
The appointment, has been organized in collaboration with the” Mas Que Tango” Association of Parma, as part of the «Zapatero te quiero» review of the Fuori Orario, direct line between Italy and Spain created one year ago and ready now to twin also Argentina on this season – as last wednesday – all of this after the enthusiastic flamenco-latin performance on 31 October of Spanish dancers Ángel Muñoz & Charo Espino. The great protagonist Miguel Fernandez, who has studied at the Conservatory of Buenos Aires qualifying in classic guitar master, and in Spain has studied the deepest gipsy roots on flamenco, performed as soloist flamenco guitar, together with Jorge «El Cintarro» on lyrics and rhythm-guitar, Andreina «La India» on dance and claps, Octavio Ibarguen on bass and choirs, Julio Covielo on percussion, special guest Oscar Roberto Casares