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Some links to websites concerning flamenco music and flamenco guitar technique.

Flamenco Art Fernandez Miguel - English version of Flamenco Art website
Arte Flamenco Fernandez Miguel - Spanish version of Flamenco Art website
Flamenco Kunst Fernandez Miguel - German version of Flamenco Art website
Miguel Fernandez Group - Flamenco group website of Miguel Fernandez
Otras Tierras - Otras Tierras world music project website
Conde Hermanos - spanish luthiers
Rodolfo Cucculelli- argentine luthier personal web site
Different Lands - world fusion music label
Opensound - music for broadcast advertising and recording studio
Alfamusic - records label
Cities of Dreams - web site of the new CD  of Terre Differenti
Flamenco Alicia- Academy of flamenco
Rumba de Mar - gipsy-mediterranean music ensemble
Luna del Olivar - argentine flamenco web site
Chitarristi Flamenco - italian web site of guitarists
esflamenco - well-known flamenco web site
Otras Tierras - musical project created by Fabio Armani & Miguel Fernandez of flamenco-chillout music
JondoWeb - important flamenco web-journal
Flamenco in Sevilla - flamenco school school of dance, guitar and spanish in Sevilla